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So I see Tales of Graces turning into Persona 4 for me. Instead of wanting to romance Uncle Dojima, now I want to romance Daddy Aston :I

LET ME LOVE YOU photo please.gif

Damn these familial ties, ruining my game…>_> -shakes fist-

"There are about 7 people in the world that look like you.”


…That means there are seven people in the world who look like my bias.


Why don’t girls want a nice guy like me who brings them flowers and tells them how beautiful they are and who has an onix and a geodude and owns his very own gym in Pewter city



SHINee’s reaction when asked if they watched porn: 
Key: -90 degrees bow- No! We don’t!
MinHo: yeah, we don’t *smirk*
Jonghyun: hahahaha. That’s a very private question.
Taemin: I’m too young.
and ONEW: Don’t ask that question.

Key and TaeTae haahahah
Minho, dude, the fuck is that reaction?
Jonghyun watches porn, it’s obvious
Onew has the biggest porn collection ever

So by those reactions I’m gonna say that Minho, Onew and Jonghyun all watch porn, possibley together and perhaps take notes.
And Key and Taemin just take dirty pictures of each other and make their own movies, and that really does it for them. Taemin probably likes to play the role of the “slutty/innocent schoolgirl” ;D 
Why I love Onew: the way he displays his emotions:




Onew bored:

Onew party hard:

Onew happy:

Onew exited:

Onew suprised:

Onew LMAO:

Onew scared:

Onew mind orgasm:

Onew approves:

Onew reacts to kid:

Onew spots the camera:

Sweet Ruiner….

Sometimes I wonder why I picked him as my bias for SHINee. Then I see posts like this and remember…

(Source: shinee-on-you)

People seriously wonder why MBLAQ is so weird. All you have to do is look at who trained them.


As a whole:


(So hard to pick just one of the maknae)

Then there is Rain: