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130814 Seungri’s Facebook update:
“This song, to put it straightforward, is about me. These days a lot of songs about bad girls are out, including Crazy Love by Bumkey and The Baddest Female by CL. I think this shows how there really has been an increase in the amount of bad girls in the world. It’s become a generation when it’s not just girls who get tricked by boys, but boys also get tricked by girls. Everything that a certain girl I used to go out with were lies, and whenever I would find out, I would be really shocked. It made both of us frustrated and cold to each other. I felt more angry that she was just waiting for me to say we should break up. I put the feelings of pain and anger that she gave me into this song. It starts with a piano and a very angry tone. I needed a tone to go with the men’s side so I asked Kim Jennie of the new YG girl group to do the bridge with charisma. I want to thank Jennie for this. And lastly a message to that girl. You get back what you do to others. Listen to this song and get your head straight.”
translation by Kristine Kwak

GD looking at the tabloid: "Well, at least Seungri didn't ejaculate inside of her..."
Taeyang: "What's that?"
GD: "...What?"
Taeyang: ...
GD: ...
GD: "You really need a girl..."
Taeyang: "...I know..."
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Jiyong, casually screwing around with a lightsaber.